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Are Dental Implants safe for children?

Dental emergencies occur frequently in children and teens than they occur in adults. From broken, cracked, chipped to a knocked-out tooth, children are expected to experience these situations quite often.


An accidental loss of a tooth is known as tooth avulsion and it can happen when the outside force is strong enough that it ends up breaking the bond between the tooth and the connection to a bone. An avulsed tooth is short of blood or oxygen flow and any delay in reimplantation can lead to the death of that particular tooth. Quick reimplantation aims to ensure that the periodontal ligament is maintained to prevent the tooth from getting damaged.


However, if the tooth has been knocked out and cannot be fixed then there is a chance that a person has to opt for a dental implant. Dental implants being the restorative dentistry option can permanently serve as a substitute for natural teeth. It is a suitable option for a single missing tooth.


Are Dental Implants Safe for Children?


Dental implants may be the perfect option for restoring an adult’s lost teeth, however, it is never recommended for children. This is because a child’s jaw keeps on growing and does not get hard until the late teens or early twenties. Therefore, their jaw will not be able to hold the embedded screw in alignment with the other teeth and will sift out of place whenever it will grow. It can further cause pain that will make the child uncomfortable.


The alternate solutions proposed by dentists to restore a child’s smile are:


  • Dental bridge:  A custom made tooth is bonded with natural teeth, unlike dental implants it is not grafted inside the jaw bone. Moreover, it helps to fill the tooth gap.


  • Removable partial denture: It is also a suitable option for children with which space can be maintained for natural teeth to grow.


It is always advised to visit your dentist twice a year from a very young age to maintain a healthy set of teeth.


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